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Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s [$6.99] upcoming 0.15 update is promising to be a big one, especially for those who love playing the game with friends. As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, Mojang has opened Minecraft Realms – the Mojang-run Minecraft server service – to Android users for Alpha testing, and apparently that testing has been going pretty well. Today, Mojang announced that we are very close to a Beta version, so if you want to get the Android Realms alpha, today is your last chance. If you want to join the over 700,000 other users (what a number that is), you have to go here and sign up so you can play around until the alpha is shut down on Monday. I’m very much looking forward to Realms because I’d like to build and explore with other players.


0.15 update won’t only add Realms to the game; we are also getting horses, sticky pistons, name tags, leads, a new archer mob, raw mutton, possibly biome-based villages, and more. There are also a few other features that may or may not make it into the update such as commands, plugins, resource packs, and new biomes. Development is moving quite rapidly (for Minecraft PE standards), so hopefully the update isn’t too far into the future.

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GPS iGO PRIMO ANDROID 5.0.2 (2015) Links novos

iGO Primo for Android or  iPhone is an extremely appreciated app/software by GPS users all over the world and especially Europe.It was initially developed for GPS and PDAs with WinCE, but recently developers decided to infiltrate the Android platform as well, with this full-featured software.

Officially, there is only one version ( for some countries) at the moment, on Google play which supports both smartphones and tablets with 800×480 resolution.

Unofficially, being extremely popular iGO Primo has been developed by various software gurus and thus several program kits have been obtained which are compatible with most recent resolutions. The iGO Primo software is also available on the iOS platform and we have talked here about the iGO Primo free version for iPhone.

iGO Primo Android Route demo

Menu ,routing and maps

iGO Primo ( Android or iPhone ) makes itself noticed by means of an intuitive menu, easily accessible options and map support from most providers. It is worth to mention that the this gps app works offline,and  accepts maps from Navteq, TomTom or the east European provider TopMap.

On the main screen we have the map displayed on the left, and on the right the search options for a destination, editing options for the current route and program settings. By tapping on the map screen it will be displayed in full screen.The map and the route to be followed will be displayed in color schemes which can be customized in various ways and simultaneously speed, time and distance left until reaching our destination will be shown.

igo primo for android screen shot

On the same main navigation screen street name and direction changes are also shown. The map and the viewing angle can be easily modified on screen, same as 2d or 3d display.

In the upper right corner we have a quick menu which helps us find a destination quickly, editing a route and many other options.Route display can be done classically through a 2D map where we can clearly see how we advance on the road.

From there, we can easily edit the route by choosing a waypoint on the map. Also we can block certain turns which we do not want to take and the map will adjust automatically.iGO Primo  is extremely flexible and this is what makes it different from other software products.

main screen of igo primo for android

When configuring the route you can choose up to 4 of them, and deciding on and creating routes is done easily by entering the destination and then the waypoints directly on the map or by search engine as this tutorial exemplifies.

The itinerary can be calculated according to your vehicle: car, pedestrian, bicycle and in some versions in truck mode which allows generating special routes for large vehicles.iGO Primo Truck for Android provides route calculation based on height, tonnage, number of axes ( and other specific parameters.

truck mode in igo primo for android

Moreover, the routes are being calculated according to the traffic history and smart routing profiles for the main European roads stored in the map files.

In the main menu of iGO Primo = we can also find other interesting stuff such as a media player, a currency exchange, measuring unit system for clothes in different regions, and something which I found extremely useful speed and alcohol restrictions for each country, driver’s responsibilities in winter time, and more.

This is a very good way to avoid fines.Since we are on the subject of fines, iGO Primo comes with radar alerts as well as other similar software as TMC service which is 3G activated.This service which is paid separately helps us to avoid problem areas, the iGO Primo software receives live information regarding accidents, highway works or traffic jams which could slow us down on our journey, and it recalculates the best route automatically if it is set in this mode.

On the alert side, iGO Primo for Android displays on the screen, with a couple hundred meters ahead warnings about the areas we pass through (dangerous curbs, animals in the area) which is a very useful function that helps avoid accidents and keeps you focused. It has voice guidance and we can choose between  TTS (text-to-speech) or normal voices.

iGO Primo also supports offline mode so you don’t necessary need 3G or 4G data connection to be able to use this software. Routes can be simulated live without a satellite signal available.

Due to multiple maps being used some errors can occur but these are present on every navigation software and iGO Primo is no exception to this.

I recommend using Navteq maps for iGO Primo which seem to have fewer errors than others.Starting this year the Tomtom (TeleAtlas) developer began developing extremely accurate, detailed maps which are also compatible with this navigation software.

Other features

If the interest points aren’t on the map we can find websites, which are perfectly compatible with this software where we can download interest points for the countries or areas we are interested in.

Fans of this software have developed a series of skins which give additional features to the software.These skins, although not 100% compatible with any version, provide a richer interface feature wise, customizable icons and new color schemes.

iGO Primo  skins bring functions such as: the choice between sets of maps, compass display, setting customized icons for points of interest, transited city and country, etc. Also,the skins give beauty and complexity to the software and they are permanently updated by fans. They can be found on dedicated forums.

We like iGO Primo for Android because:

– the map screen is well designed graphically and has comprehensive information.– the menu is extremely accurate and easy to use compared to other navigation software.

– of the possibility to choose maps from multiple suppliers and creating alternative routes for each processed one.

– we like that iGO Primo provides a truck mode as well for truck drivers – multiple alerts for driver’s safety and other traffic participants .

We do not like it because it lacks some kits with compatible resolutions with many devices in official mode but we hope this shortcoming will be quickly solved by the developer. Also we don’t like because ther is no Android official version to cover full Europe or North ( and South ) America roads .


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