How to install app on your TVPad4, YueTV apk

When you start TVpad3 or TVpad4, you will see the “TVpad Store” at the top of the main menu. Through the “TVpad Store” you will be able to download apps for: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vientam TV (NAMTV). However, if you wish to install: Japanese (NIJI SHOW app) or Korean (Solive app) you will need to install an app called “N+ Store” through the USB port located at the back of the TVpad console. I will explain how this can be done below.


In order to watch Japanese, Korean, and other various channels you will need to install an app called “N+ Store” through the TVpad USB port. To do this, you will need to download the “N+ Store” app along with the TVpad package launcher.

The TVpad package launcher can be downloaded here (gvos2-sd1).

The N+ Store app can be downloaded here (1375428545889.pkg)

Place both files above in the root of a blank USB drive.

Note: Without the package launcher loaded on your USB, the TVpad will not be able to read any apps on the USB.

Insert your USB drive into TVpad4 that contains the TVpad package launcher and the N+ Store App


Once the files load to the TVpad, the following screen will appear. Select the top button


Next the following screen will appear that indicated one app was found on the USB drive. Select the Left button to install the app.


The app installation process starts


Once the installation is complete, you may return to the main menu and the N+ Store app appears on the right side of the main menu


You can now select the N+ Store and easily install Japanese and Korean Live streaming TV shows!

Example below is a screen shot of live streaming Japanese TV (NIJI SHOW app)


Install Android apps apk files on your TVpad4

If you want to install Android apps apk files on your TVpad4, there is quite an easy solution. Just follow the steps below:

1. Download the batchinstall zip file: batchinstall zip file
2. Use any program to unzip this zip file (such as free program 7-Zip). After you have extracted the zip file, there is one file inside: batchinstall.banana
3. Copy the batchinstall.banana file to your USB-stick along with all the Android apps apk files you want to install (don’t put these files in any folder, just outside).
4. Start your TVpad 4 and connect your USB-stick with these files inside with your TVpad 4
5. Now, an install interface should automatically appear. Click on “install” to install the Android apps.

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